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Code of Ethics

Members of the Niagara Peninsula Electrical Contractors Association Inc. believe that business standards of the highest order are essential to the progress and sustainability of our industry. The Association, therefore, adopts and promotes the following
Code of Ethics.

Members of the Association shall:

  • Assume a professional responsibility in conducting all business functions founded on trust, honesty and integrity
  • Promote conduct which is in the best interests of the electrical contracting industry as a whole
  • Maintain a high level of quality in both material and workmanship, thereby, providing the best possible service to our clients
  • Abide by all applicable laws, codes, regulations and standard practices to safeguard the protection of employees, clients, the public and the environment
  • Stand firmly by the principle that all contracts, whether oral or written, shall be performed with the same good faith and intent with which the parties entered the Agreement
  • Support, and encourage their peers to support, the policies and objectives of the Association giving due consideration to its By-laws, Policies and Procedures